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PLDT Enterprise encourages business to leverage wireless technologies

With businesses now setting their sights on growth past the COVID-19 pandemic, PLDT Enterprise is building on its own suite of innovations and technologies to come up with new services and solutions.

The B2B arm of Philippine telecommunications firm PLDT Inc. (PLDT) encourages businesses to leverage wireless technologies (powered by PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications Inc.) to improve operational efficiency and optimize work capabilities.

“Smart wireless solutions support PLDT Enterprise’s commitment to making a positive impact on every single business,” said Jovy Hernandez, president, ePLDT and CEO and SVP and head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups. “With remote work now at the forefront because of the pandemic, we ensure that businesses can defy limits via mobility solutions. You do not just work from home, but hopefully soon, work from anywhere.”

PLDT Enterprise launches Smart Bro 5G for businesses

PLDT Enterprise expands business solutions portfolio

Smart has been ramping up its 5G capabilities as the technology is set to become the core technology, because of its promise of blinding speeds and ultra-low latency, moving forward.

“The value potential of 5G enterprise solutions and also the Internet of Things (IoT) in this ever-evolving digital landscape forms part of our strategy to build a complete 5G ecosystem,” said Chet Alviz, VP and head of Wireless Marketing for PLDT Enterprise. “It is with this aspiration that we have started our IoT journey in building the Smart IoT Platform, apart from our already existing products and solutions.”

Smart IoT Platform

The Smart IoT Platform is now being developed with collaboration between Smart and Finnish firm Nokia, which was forged in October 2020. Meant to provide next-generation IoT for its customers, the first of its kind platform for enterprises in the Philippines aims to power connected devices that will help businesses from key industries to easily deploy and explore IoT use cases.

Another offering is Smart Enterprise Postpaid, which allows businesses to access voice, SMS, and data services, powering their mobile with plans suited to business needs.

Smart Bro is another of PLDT Enterprise’s Smart solutions. All Smart Bro plans today under PLDT Enterprise are now 5G-ready and are bundled with 5G Rocket WiFi that will allow subscribers to enjoy personal portable broadband access on the go.

Biz LTE, on the other hand, is Smart Bro’s fixed wireless broadband service which is perfect for small offices or establishments and in vehicles. An alternative for fixed broadband in areas where there are no fiber facilities.

GPS tracking system

PLDT Enterprise’s Smart Tracker is a GPS tracking system that enables users to monitor company-owned vehicles and field employees in near real-time to optimize operational efficiency and security.

Another popular wireless solution brought about by the new normal in education, Bizload is a secure, convenient, and web-based portal that allows companies and the academe connectivity for employees, faculty, and students. The platform enables faculty to continue teaching online and for students to continue uninterrupted learning.

The Smart Messaging Suite is an Application-to-Peer (A2P) messaging platform that enables sending of high-volume SMS through an easy-to-use online account or via API or SFTP integration. Users may send scheduled or ad-hoc advisories, marketing campaigns, one-time passwords, reminders, and transactional notifications. Built to support high-volume, time-sensitive broadcasts with 99.5% service availability, it also supports features like sender ID, two-way messaging, mail merge, and reports.