PLDT Enterprise expands business solutions portfolio

The latest products and services PLDT Enterprise introduced are geared toward strengthening businesses’ digital capabilities after full adoption of digital transformation. The packages address pain points and business essentials for the Philippines’ small and medium enterprises (SME) so they can thrive at whatever state the economy is in.

“Our customers’ needs are evolving, and we at PLDT Enterprise ensure to continuously keep up with those demands by always innovating our services and products,” said Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT president and CEO and SVP and Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise Business Groups of PLDT Enterprise. “We have to be prepared for whatever demand will arise in the future, which is why we’re setting the groundwork for future technologies as early as now,”

PLDT Enterprise adds new Wireless offerings to its portfolio of services namely Smart Giga Study, Smart Queuing Solution, and Smart Tracker allowing businesses and subscribers “to not only move forward but also make their lives vastly easier, safer, and more productive.”

PLDT Enterprise ready to support businesses in ‘accelerated’ digital adoption

PLDT unveils latest enterprise solutions designed for new business landscape

Smart Giga Study

Smart GIGA Study is a prepaid service designed to aid students and the education sector seamlessly transition to e-learning. Along with data allocation, students also get access to academic suites such as Microsoft for Education, Google Classroom, Google Meet and Docs, YouTube, and various other learning management systems.

Smart Bizload also supplements this service. Through it, various learning institutions can send “load” to their students and faculties in bulk with a “secure, easy-to-use” web-based prepaid loading platform for Smart and TNT services.

Smart Queuing Solution

Smart Queuing Solution by TimeFree is a cloud-based queueing, booking, and service management system, that allows subscribers to book a space prior to going to an establishment. The feature is already being rolled out, enabling users to easily reserve a queue number at shops using the Qmobile app.

Smart Tracker

Smart Tracker is a real-time monitoring system that tracks deliveries providing companies with vehicle location, engine status, movement speed, and driver behavior through a GPS tracking system.