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PLDT, Smart continue to promote IT inclusivity through SWEEP

The Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), part of the PLDT Group, has marked its 20th anniversary by highlighting the transformative potential of technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), cloud computing, and advanced networks in shaping the ICT landscape.

PLDT Group’s Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (SWEEP), an industry-academe linkage program, underscored how technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), cloud computing, and advanced networks are shaping the ICT landscape.

PLDT believes that these technologies can help create a sustainable and more inclusive world for all Filipinos.

Smart holds first virtual SWEEP boot camp for young innovators
Smart supports young innovators with capacity-building activities

From the beginning, SWEEP’s mission has been to promote inclusive learning and drive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education in the Philippines. This aligns with UNSDG #4: Quality Education and supports the vision of the Philippine Government-mandated Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC), of which PLDT is a founding member. The ultimate goal is to bridge the digital divide by producing more STEM experts and upskilling Filipinos for future job opportunities through SWEEP.

Addressing skills shortage

“When PLDT launched SWEEP in 2003, our dream was to make bold changes in the industry, by promoting a culture of innovation in schools and by encouraging more Filipino students to get into STEM and ICT-related courses,” said Cathy Yap-Yang, FVP and head of Group Corporate Communications at PLDT and Smart.  

Over the years, SWEEP has evolved into a platform for continuous learning and exploration of technology’s role as a catalyst for youth growth and development.

“We continue to work closely with the country’s leading colleges and universities,” said Roderick Santiago, head of Network at PLDT and Smart. “We have likewise succeeded in producing industry-ready graduates to meet the increasingly digital demands of our customers, our communities, and our country.” 

SWEEP is not just a program; it’s a journey of discovery and learning, equipping youth with the knowledge and skills needed to drive innovation and positive change for current and future generations.

“We believe that continuous learning and exposure to emerging technologies, through SWEEP, can equip the youth towards finding innovative solutions that can help create positive impact for present and future generations,” said Stephanie Orlino, AVP and head of Stakeholder Management Team at PLDT and Smart.    

To officially celebrate SWEEP’s two decades and the program’s milestones, the PLDT Group has just concluded a learning and networking summit called SWEEP@20 and beyond, for its partner schools this month.

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