PLDTxSmart - Typhoon Karding

PLDT, Smart deploy quick response teams as typhoon ‘Karding’ nears Aurora

PLDT and its wireless unit Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) have activated quick response teams as Severe Tropical Storm “Karding” is expected to intensify further into a typhoon in the next 12 hours.

PLDT and Smart have, likewise, prepositioned mission-critical equipment and additional personnel as ‘Karding’ barrels towards Casiguran, Aurora. The storm is likely to make landfall in Aurora or the northern portion of Quezon on Sunday afternoon.

PLDT and Smart’s Libreng Tawag (free calls) and Libreng Charging (free charging) stations are on standby ready to be deployed in areas that will be heavily impacted by the tropical cyclone. However, for the safety of our personnel, operations will only commence once #KardingPH has passed.

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PLDT-Smart Foundation is also on standby to send relief aid in communities that will be severely affected by the tropical cyclone.

PLDT and Smart urge everyone to take necessary precautions and heed the alerts and warnings of local governments and disaster response authorities.