MVP signing Extraordinary Manny booksMedia Release

PLDT-Smart Foundation unveils ‘Extraordinary Manny’ children’s book

PLDT-Smart Foundation (PSF), joined by companies and foundations under the MVP Group Tulong Kapatid, has unveiled the children’s book “Extraordinary Manny.”

Authored by Gian Lao and illustrated by Mark Andres, the book gives readers an insight into PLDT and Smart chair Manuel V. Pangilinan’s (MVP) life story. “Extraordinary Manny” recounts MVP’s challenges, discoveries, and victories in his journey to becoming the Extraordinary Leader he is today.

Lao, who began working with MVP as his speechwriter and is now his executive assistant, recalled his own discoveries about MVP while finishing this book.

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“Whatever is extraordinary about MVP comes from these ordinary things. I hope that kids who read this book can recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the ordinary in the extraordinary,” Lao said.

At the book launch held to coincide with MVP’s birthday, family, friends, and colleagues of MVP also looked back on their special moments with MVP.

“At the end of the day, all work that has been done and our accomplishments is not the work of just one man. It’s always a team effort,” said MVP. “The story is not finished when you find success. The story is finished when you find success for everyone else.”

“Our duty to be of service to others in PSF, along with other MVP-led foundations, is year-round, yet we make special efforts in July of each year because it is Corporate Social Responsibility Month. This is a month of giving, and we also celebrate our Chairman’s birthday–a tradition that naturally evolved owing to the generous character of MVP,” said Esther O. Santos, PSF President.

In partnership with the People Group of PLDT and Smart, PSF also launched an employee fundraising campaign that aims to deliver copies of ‘Extraordinary Manny’ to public schools nationwide. With support from First Pacific HK, PSF is releasing an initial 5,000 copies with the hope of reaching children all over the country and inspiring them to become extraordinary in their own way.