PLDT-Smart grants incentives to education governance awardees

Synergeia Foundation, a coalition of individuals, institutions, and organizations, working together to improve the quality of basic education, established the Seal of Good Education Governance program in 2017 along with the US Agency for International Development (USAID).

In partnership with digital services provider PLDT Inc. and its wireless subsidiary, Smart Communications Inc. (Smart), the team has awarded more than 50 local government units (LGUs) to-date for being able to sufficiently provide children with equal access to quality education.

With 47 applicants for 2019, Seal awardees are deliberated upon by Synergeia trustees and representatives from PLDT, Smart, and SGV Foundation. Criteria for outstanding education governance include the reinvention of each LGU’s local school boards and the establishment of functional school governing councils.

The cities and municipalities must have also significantly reduced the number of non-readers and frustrated readers in their locality. Moreover, the percentage of first graders who completed sixth grade must have increased. The LGUs also must have considerably boosted its budget for learning programs.

The third batch of Seal of Good Education Governance recipients will each receive a communications package worth P100,000 for call, text, and data services from PLDT and Smart.

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