Smart Communications Inc. Cellsite

PLDT, Smart launch campaign with int’l, local experts on cell sites safety

PLDT and its wireless arm Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) are working with international and local experts to help educate customers about the safety of cell sites, and the important role of speeding up PLDT and Smart’s network expansion efforts across the country in improving customer experience.

“This campaign is aimed to gain support from communities for our accelerated nationwide network rollout for enhanced connectivity to serve more Filipinos with world-class customer experience and to fulfill our promise to always keep our customers as our North Star,” said Alfredo S. Panlilio, president and CEO, PLDT Inc and Smart Communications.

At the center of this education campaign is a video explainer featuring interviews with experts to dispel common disinformation linking cell sites and radiofrequency waves with health issues.

Among those featured in the video is Prof. Ken Karipidis, assistant director at the Assessment and Advice Section, Radiation Health Services Branch of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA).

“There are no proven long-term effects such as cancer from radio waves. In fact, there is no substantiated evidence of any health effects from radio waves at levels below the limits of the standard,” he said.

Local experts from the government and private sector have also echoed his findings.

“[Even] the American Cancer Society has said that there is no association between radiofrequency energy and the causation of cancer,” Dr. Johanna Patricia Cañal, chief radiation oncologist at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center. “They have not found any cases where one can be associated with the other. They have found no proof that one is associated with the other.”

“The FDA would like to reassure the public that prior to the installation of the antennas, an evaluation is done to determine their safety,” said Maria Gladys Cabrera, division chief of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Department of Health (DOH). “This is applicable to all our antenna installations, including 5G antennas.”