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PLDT-Smart’s mental wellness initiative reaches 12 million people

With the goal of ushering transformative change within communities, PLDT and Smart, through the Better Today PH (Better Today) program, seek to promote wellness, safe spaces, and changemaking for children and the youth in the digital world.

In 2022, PLDT and Smart reached at least 12 million citizens for their efforts to champion digital wellness and safer spaces for the children and the youth, driven by the belief that to have a better tomorrow, Filipinos must be better today and work on protecting the next generation.

“Through Better Today, we become enablers and advocates of digital wellness. It is our greatest hope that through this program, we break the stigma on mental illness and cultivate a culture of kindness – for a better today for the next generation,” said Cathy Yang, FVP and group head of Corporate Communications, PLDT and Smart.

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Through collaborations with like-minded advocacy partners, PLDT and Smart were able to co-develop and advocate policies with partner local government units, create awareness and meaningful content, and empower communities to innovate solutions that will positively impact young Filipinos in traversing a path towards safer spaces in the digital world.

Positive conversations

As a community, Better Today inspires a culture of empathy and kindness that creates a ripple effect from the level of the self, family, and the larger community. It sparks inter-generational understanding and positive conversations that are anchored on the narratives of passion and purpose, strength and resilience, empathy and community, and hope.

As a movement, Better Today links up with like-minded people, advocates, and organizations from various sectors, including local government, content creators, and civil society organizations. In 2022, Better Today has forged and strengthened partnerships with 18 advocacy partners, and seven local government co-champions, and reached over 12 million people via its social media platform. Through Better Today, PLDT and Smart believe in the continuous creation of shared value and on a whole-of-community approach to making the digital world safer, and better today.