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Poly unveils new pro-grade devices designed for hybrid workforce

Audio company Poly introduced its latest pro-grade solutions with features addressing video conferencing and audio issues of hybrid work setup. The new smart devices include the Poly Studio R30 video bar, Poly Sync 10 speakerphone and the upgraded Poly Lens platform.

These solutions, combined with developments to Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology, help employees look and sound their best, while employers can maintain focus on delivering meeting equity for hybrid and office workers alike.

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Poly Studio Series pro-grade video

The Poly Studio Series pro-grade video conferencing devices include Poly Studio Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows. The Poly DirectorAI technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver real-time automatic transitions, group framing and speaker tracking, and presenter and conversation mode, while NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies block out unwanted background noise.

The newest addition to the Poly Studio Series is the Poly Studio R30 smart USB video bar, designed for small meeting rooms. This plug-and-play device comes equipped with Poly DirectorAI technology to ensure everyone is seen clearly with a pinpoint-accurate group and speaker framing. Poly is expanding its lineup of devices for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows to include the Poly Studio R30 Small Room Kit, optimized for smaller meeting rooms. The Poly Studio R30 works with the cloud-based video provider of your choice, is certified by Zoom, and will be Microsoft Teams certified by June 2022.

Poly Studio R30 video bar:

  • 4K camera with 120-degree field of view so meeting participants are seen clearly, even those sitting closest to the camera
  • Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology that can perfectly frame everyone in the room, an individual speaker, or even track a presenter in real time.
  • Advanced audio with NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence to block-out unwanted background noise
  • WiFi device capabilities for remote IT management, reducing the need for additional management software in the room
  • End-users have the option to personalize settings for their workspace

For larger meeting rooms, the Poly Studio E70 camera and Studio X70 video bar are adding a new Poly DirectorAI mode called people framing. People framing mode provides close-ups for each meeting participant in the room, which are displayed in gallery mode. People framing mode will be available on Studio E70 and Studio X70 starting in June 2022.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

In addition to the Poly Studio Small Room Kit for Microsoft Teams, Poly is delivering added flexibility for its entire lineup of Teams Rooms on Windows:

A USB extender and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options for more flexible room deployments and seamless connections to user’s laptops for any video app
A Camera Control App so users can easily adjust the camera experience or change Poly DirectorAI modes

Pro-grade gear for hybrid workers

Poly Sync speakerphones feature USB and Bluetooth connectivity with intelligent microphones that track the talker, not the noise. The Sync family lineup is sleek, sophisticated, smart, and designed to deliver crisp audio quality for both work and entertainment.

The Poly Sync 10, the newest member of the Sync family, is a plug-and-play USB speakerphone designed to upgrade the home office experience, converting any space into your own personal conference room. Perfect for calls and music, its two-microphone steerable array reduces surrounding noise and delivers high-quality audio. The Poly Sync 10 is certified by Microsoft and Zoom and works seamlessly with the cloud-based meeting platform of your choosing.

Poly Sync 10 speakerphone:

Reliable, enterprise-grade hi-fi audio and power amplifier for calls and music
Easy-to-spot call status, with clear, bright status lightbar
USB-A cable, with a USB-C adapter included
Dust-and water-resistant IP64
Supported by Poly Lens

Poly Lens provides a holistic platform with device control for all Poly gear, including the Studio R30 video bar and Sync 10 speakerphone, to enhance workspace and user experience. The cloud-based solution delivers vital management tools for provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting Poly devices.

The Poly Lens App gives them the ability to personalize their experience, stay up to date with the latest software, get helpful usage tips, support, and more. The latest enhancements will feature Lens App for mobile devices supporting Poly Bluetooth devices while on the go. Poly Lens App for mobile will be available soon.

Poly Lens

  • Vital management for the Poly voice, video, and headsets for both the IT manager and individual user
  • Device personalization for both the user’s desktop and mobile
  • “Find MyDevice” for mobile users, so you never misplace your favorite device