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Prioritize multicloud management to reduce complexity — Dell

Managing the long-term costs of cloud and deciding the nature of multicloud edge architecture are among the top priorities of chief information officers (CIOs) in 2023, according to Dell Technologies.

“It is crucial that modern companies adopt a multicloud approach that allows them to have ultimate control over their data and applications, residing wherever it makes the most sense for them,” said John Roese, Global Chief Technology Officer, Dell. “The approach should also be more cost-effective and reduce the overall complexity of the cloud.”

Customers can no longer afford to be over budget due to an inefficient distribution of their IT capabilities on the cloud.

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“In 2023, more of our data and processing will be needed in the real world. The edge is now everywhere and the opportunities for edge computing are endless. If organizations do not make a decision about which edge architecture they want in the long-term, they may end up with multiple edges,” Roese said.

Dell advises companies to revisit their current cloud models so they can identify the architecture that will best allow them to manage and orchestrate data and workloads across clouds without the added complexity and hidden costs.


In terms of cybersecurity, Dell emphasized the importance of defining an organization’s Zero Trust control plan to achieve consistent identity, policy, and threat management for the total enterprise.

“In a multicloud world that is highly distributed and connected, Zero Trust will become an essential cornerstone of data security and trust,” Roese said.

According to Dell Technologies’ Global Data Protection Index 2022, 74% of respondents from APJ (excluding China) are concerned that they will experience a disruptive event in the next 12 months.

“Technology remains at the forefront of transformation, digital unity, and driving human progress. APJ’s continued growth is expected despite the uncertain macroeconomic climate, and the region’s population will continue to increase,” said Amit Midha, President, Asia Pacific, Japan and Global Digital Cities, at Dell. “We need to expand how we think about technology to better harness it. This will help us navigate and shape the future of society.”

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