Metaversity (Propel x Meta)Metaverse

Propel Manila launches Metaversity in partnership with Meta

Online advertising company Propel Manila launches Metaversity, a program in collaboration with Meta that gives space for brands, creators, and even peers in the industry, to play and explore the Metaverse.

Metaversity will create exclusive programs, hackathons, and in the future, certification courses for Meta’s forthcoming Horizon Worlds, one of the platforms Propel is betting on to ensure the first-hand experience of its teams and clients in getting creative in the metaverse to deliver ideas that matter to people, our brands, and our communities.

In exploring its possibilities and learning from its potential, Propel expects development in talent upskilling and improvement in creating real-time briefs, point-new solutions, and more innovation, to co-exist in the metaverse.

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“At Meta, we believe the metaverse can enable better social experiences than anything that exists today, and we will dedicate our energy to helping achieve its potential,” said Dale Lopez, creative dtrategist at Meta Creative Shop. “We want to help accelerate the development of the fundamental technologies, platforms, and creative tools that will bring the metaverse to life. Through Metaversity, we aim to build for the metaverse and make it an everyday reality for Filipinos.”


Propel invested in tech and innovations in virtual spaces, like metaverse, incorporating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to brand experience and the usage of Oculus hardware.

Prior to this, Propel Manila and Meta collaborated on a couple of innovation platforms like the Propel Manila x Meta Innovation Lab, a hub for radical ideas and new innovations. It gave birth to the first-ever IG-reels hackathon in Southeast Asia which started with the country’s leading e-commerce platform, Lazada, that turned reels into a short-form theater and gave the brand far-reaching results.

The partnership also powered this year’s Meta Pride Walkway, the augmented-reality filter on Instagram that turned any pathway into a walkway for pride. It was engineered with easy-adjust floor mapping technology so any form of space can become a space for equality which has gathered marches locally and internationally.

“We see metaverse as an extension of one’s real-life experiences and we are extremely grateful to Meta for helping us build this infrastructure. This is a testament to how we resolve and ensure our part as the beacon who guides on how the metaverse can flourish in the country to propel towards creating a digitally-empowered Filipino community,” said JC Valenzuela, CEO, of Propel Manila.