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realme ramps up 5G adoption, targets to reach 100 million youth

Smartphone brand realme held a virtual summit highlighting the benefits of 5G technology. Attended by technology giants including Counterpoint Research, GSMA, and Qualcomm, the virtual conference, realme revealed it is set to enable 100 million young consumers to use and access 5G smartphones within the next three years.

With almost all innovations designed around the capabilities of 5G, the summit underscores how the technology will shape not only the enterprise sector but the consumer sector as well.

To further illustrate its commitment to bringing 5G technology to the forefront of the consumer market, realme unveiled its 5G smartphones GT series, which is set to officially launch globally this month and July.

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“Starting with our first 5G model, the realme X50, we have been exploring new design concepts and technical innovations to bring users more slimline and design-rich 5G phones that have powerful performance, said Madhav Sheth, VP and CEO for India and Europe, realme. “We believe that in the 5G era, helping to accelerate the adoption of this new technology is a crucial mission for realme.”

In the Philippines, realme launched X50 in December 2020, positioned as the brand’s first 5G offering.

Youth market

realme has always identified the brand to the youth. 5G’s promise of speed and low latency are just a few of its features that can attract the hyperconnected young market.

“realme believes that 5G is for the younger generation — internet natives who are looking for ways to connect and express themselves beyond the physical world,” said Johnny Chen, brand director, realme. “As a brand that’s dedicated to young consumers, realme tries to listen carefully to what they expect from 5G technology and get them more involved in the process of creating a better 5G user experience. By empowering the young, we hope they can, in turn, become the forerunners of 5G adoption and help lead more people into the 5G era.”

To support the global adoption of 5G products, realme will establish seven R&D centers around the world in 2021, dedicated to exploring innovative 5G technologies and products. At present, 90% of realme’s R&D resources have been converted to 5G technology and products. In the next two years, realme will invest $300 million globally in 5G technology research and product development, as well as in promoting global 5G popularization.

This year, realme plans to set up more than ten 5G pop-up stores around the world allowing young people to create exclusive spaces where they can enjoy 5G experiences through cloud gaming, ultra-clear AR, live broadcasting, and other popular 5G applications.

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