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Nokia sees accelerated adoption of 5G technology in the Philippines

With many innovations now anchored on 5G, Finnish technology and telecommunications firm Nokia sees rapid adoption of the technology in the Philippines.

According to Nokia, the country is one of the first to introduce 5G technology in the Southeast Asian region. In 2019, Smart Communications Inc. (Smart), made its first standalone video call in a press briefing in Makati City. Today, device manufacturers are introducing almost in rapid succession, 5G-enabled smartphones.

The promise of speed and low latency are just a few of the benefits 5G technology promises to bring in the enterprise and consumer markets.

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“5G will bring a quantum leap in low latency and ultra-reliability connectivity that was impossible with previous technologies,” said Carlos Reyes, Head of the Philippines at Nokia. “The nation’s industries, enterprises, and people are especially poised to tap into the growth and innovation prospects that the next generation of connectivity holds.

Among the 5G use cases Nokia has focused on are mobile networks, network infrastructure, cloud and network services, and Nokia technologies.

Philippine telcos

Nokia is one of the major partners of all the Philippine telcos in their 5G rollouts.

Nokia is working with digital services provider Converge ICT to provide ultra-broadband services for Philippine consumers and businesses. The company is also collaborating with mobile operator PLDT and its subsidiary Smart Communications to launch enterprise-specific internet of things (IoT) services across the country and the deployment of comprehensive service orchestration and assurance solutions across PLDT’s and Smart Communication’s nationwide network.

Recently, new telco player DITO Telecommunity tapped Nokia to expand on the delivery of 5G services nationwide. It also has already formed 5G deals with local mobile operator Globe Telecom for the same services.

The company has 20 commercial 5G deals across the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

Nokia sees significant adoption of 5G technology in the manufacturing industries.

“Wireless network for enterprises is a segment that we are seeing worldwide growing enormously and Nokia has solutions to support that,” Reyes said.

He added that 5G use in smart cities — smart parking, smart metering, among others — will also see significant growth.