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RELEX Solutions develops AI tool to enhance workforce productivity

RELEX Solutions, a provider of supply chain and retail optimization solutions, has developed a new (artificial intelligence) AI tool called RELEX-GPT, which utilizes the same AI models as ChatGPT. Through this, clients gain access to RELEX’s proprietary knowledge base.

RELEX-GPT serves as a knowledge hub, streamlining information access about RELEX products and facilitating more efficient team workflows. Apart from promptly retrieving and summarizing information, the tool clarifies concepts and answers complex questions. (GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, a large language model.)

“Our early adopters have witnessed increased productivity, a reduction in mundane tasks, and the ability to focus on more meaningful and strategic work,” said Tommi Vilkamo, director of RELEX Labs at RELEX Solutions.

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According to Relex Solutions, the initial impact of adopting AI tools such as ChatGPT, GitHub Copilot, and RELEX-GPT at RELEX has been profound.  An internal survey predicts average productivity gains of 40%, reaching up to 100% for specific roles. 

The applications of these AI tools are wide-ranging as they: 

  • contribute to software development by generating code, managing tests and resolving errors
  • assists in document creation and editing
  • enhances cross-cultural communication through translations and language refinement for emails and presentations

The recently released tool by RELEX Solutions to the online user community is an experimental beta. The company believes this tool will naturally enhance the offerings for solution users within the online community, enabling easy question-and-answer interactions, sharing best practices related to RELEX products, and immediate access to answers.

Incorporating the new AI tool into RELEX Solutions

As user community feedback becomes available, RELEX intends to smoothly integrate RELEX-GPT into the RELEX Solutions product ecosystem, further enriching the user experience.

“While many companies are hesitant to adopt AI technology within their organizations, RELEX Solutions stands out by embracing this cutting-edge technology and empowering its teams to become early adopters,” the company said. 

“We aimed to establish controls and balances to mitigate the risks by evaluating each AI tool from security, privacy, and legal perspectives,” said Terhi Rekilä, senior legal counsel and Governance and Regulatory Risk Manager at RELEX Solutions. “This way, it is possible to reap the benefits of AI, avoid the business risks such as getting left behind by early adopters, and mitigate potential threats. It’s not risk-free to use AI, but no business is risk-free.”

“We proactively considered different risks related to AI use and co-created an AI usage policy to help our AI pilot project along,” said Camillo Särs, CISO at RELEX Solutions. This allows us to gain the benefits of AI without taking unnecessary risks. “We thoroughly analyzed all the risks together with our legal, privacy, and infosec teams. The conclusion was loud and clear: the benefits far outweigh the risks.”

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