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Review: Oppo Reno5 delivers on its promises

When Oppo Reno5 was launched earlier this year, it was positioned as a video powerhouse. But weeks of using it proved that it has so much more to offer that even if you are not a video content creator, this flagship is suited to any type of user.

Display and Design

We got the Starry Black variant that looks elegant and sleek especially with the color-changing diamond back. The 6.43-inch screen is just the right size for someone who never got used to using unbelievably large phones. The grip is just perfect for taking selfies and photographs with one hand and yes, for taking videos.

The slim profile (7.8mm) and light weight (171g) blend perfectly with its minimalist look. We used the plastic case to avoid fingerprint smudge.

The Full HD+ resolution and pixel density of 410ppi gives out vibrant — but realistic — color. The photographs are as natural as they get and with the weather just perfect for taking pictures, it was a joy testing the different scene modes: Extra HD, Pro (Expert), AI Mixed Portrait, Pano, and Macro.

Oppo Reno5 has a refresh rate of 90Hz meaning it is easy and quick to shift from one app to another when the situation calls for it and that is useful for people that are busy checking emails and playing mobile games.


Oppo put a lot of effort into making a camera that serves the needs of content creators. The 64MP main camera at the back is more than enough for photography and video enthusiasts but Oppo equipped it with more: an 8MP wide-angle lens, a 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP mono lens. There is no reason not to be able to capture every scene possible.

With a house full of pets, it was easy to shoot the cat and dog portraits that look professionally done. Choosing pets as subjects also allowed us to see how fast can it capture zoomies and we got some pretty good shots. The Portrait Mode is often used for the pets because their squishy faces are cute to photograph. We also tried the selfies for the times they allowed us to photograph them and the results turn out OK.

One of the biggest worries about smartphone cameras is the time delay in between shots. Some are slow which is a nightmare for street photography. Thankfully, the Oppo Reno5 is fitted with an Image Clear Engine (ICE) that optimizes taking clear moving objects. It is also suitable for low-light conditions, another issue of blurry images.

To stay true to its promise of video powerhouse, Oppo Reno5’s camera shoots 4K video at 30FPS.

The Dual View is an innovation that looks thoughtful. People usually capture the moment of the subject but very rarely of the one behind the camera. Oppo Reno5’s Dual View Video feature is fun to use although it takes a little bit of getting used to. Looking at two half-screens at the same time is a test of focus and concentration. However, this is something worth exploring more to discover more use cases, especially for video content creators.

Mobile Games

The first thing we checked out when we got hold of the unit is the game performance — and we’re not disappointed.

We specifically took note of any lag during games, and we mean “Mobile Legends” and “Call of Duty” mobile games, but the one time a lag happened it was because of the network connection. Other than that, every time we tried playing games during peak hours (evening), we were able to breeze through from one level to the next. We should also give credit to its 8nm-class Snapdragon 720G processor for its smooth performance even during crunch time.

The display and the colors are crisp and clear.

It is best to mention the quality in this part because aside from the display, the audio also contributes to how much can gamers enjoy their mobile games. The sound Dolby Atmos sends out not only fills the room but also from the second level of a medium-sized house. The sound is clear even from a distance, which is also useful for phone calls.


With all these capabilities, we took special attention to the battery life. Because, yes, we can shoot fast and clear but what if when you are outdoors and ran out of juice?

Oppo has been aggressively promoting the SuperVOOC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging) flash charging technology. We timed it and with 5% left of the 4310mAh4 battery, we were able to charge it in full in less than an hour. Even with frequent use of mobile games and social media, Oppo Reno5 can last up to almost one day.

Wary of overheating, we consciously check if it is already at its maximum during use so we know when to stop. So far, the multi-cooling system is able to do its job and there has never been a game wasted or a video paused to cool it down. The same went for charging. The multiple heat dissipation methods allowed us to charge it safely without fear of damaging the phone — or our house.


While Oppo markets it as a device for video creators, which is understandable in a world now dominated by videos, we find that the Oppo Reno5 should be judged for its overall performance as a smartphone, camera phone, video viewing, and a mobile gamer’s device of choice. For all the promotional pitches since it was launched, so far, the claims are true and we are happy to get our hands on the Starry Black variant because it really looks expensive and businesslike.

The only thing left for us to judge is Oppo Reno5’s lifespan.