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REVIEW: Poly Sync 20 reinforces need for reliable audio device in the age of videocon

Poly, a global communications company, introduced the Poly Sync 20 when remote work is now the norm and communications are often done through video conferences. The Poly Sync 20 is certified for Microsoft Teams, the oft-used video conferencing software by organizations.

At this point of prolonged lockdowns and work-from-home setup, companies should have realized that apart from investing in video conferencing software and a reliable internet connection, there is also an urgent need for better audio equipment. Video fatigue is real but it is not only because of having to stay in front of the screen all day. If people can move about during conference calls without missing the essence of the meeting, maybe, just maybe, it would be less stressful for workers.

To me, this is the prime advantage of having Poly Sync 20, a portable speakerphone that addresses some of the hybrid work challenges.

Poly introduces professional-grade audio devices perfect for home office

Poly for Microsoft Teams ensures seamless audio and video communications


Poly Sync 20 measures 34mm x 95mm x 182mm and weighs 360g, which means it is specifically designed to be carried around especially by hybrid workers. The carry case, included in the package, protects it from wear and tear, should employees decide to work from anywhere.

Another feature that highlights its portability is Bluetooth that quickly connects to any computer or smartphone or any other device used for video calls. If you are at home or in the office, it also has a 715mm cable for wired connectivity, which is used for charging either on an outlet or on the PC. The USB charging port is on its lonesome on the one side of the device ensuring that cables won’t get in the way of people who have tiny office tables.

User controls (volume, mute, and accept/end calls) are easy to spot and are strategically designed with buttons frequently used on top. These are also touch-sensitive so when you have to speak, it would take only a few seconds and you won’t have to keep your colleagues or clients from waiting. The essentials such as power button, USB port for charging.

Poly Sync 20 is IP64 dust- and water-resistant ensuring that water accidentally spilled can be easily and quickly drained.

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To know more about Poly Sync 20 for Microsoft Teams, visit this site.


As with all devices, the juice is of utmost importance. It is difficult to charge every few hours. Poly 20 may take quite a few hours of charging, but I do that after “office hours” or at night because one-time charging lasts for up to 20 hours, of course depending on the frequency of use. In my case, I didn’t need to charge it every day as I used it during online press coverage which is about an hour and it is not every day.

Poly Sync 20’s light bar indicates its status which is red for low battery and green for fully charged. The smart speakerphone boasts a 3200maH battery that supports up to 20 hours of talk time, again it all depends on the usage period and features used.


With the freedom to move that it offers, Poly Sync 20 helps reduce the stress of prolonged video conference.

The microphones can be steered in a way that is most convenient for you meaning I had a choice to move around without fear I would sound like calling from far away. The sound is crisp and clear. If you are familiar with video conferences and the speakers didn’t use microphones, relying on the computer’s mic, that is one of the challenges Poly Sync 20 is able to address.

Listening to speakers whose words you cannot catch quickly adds a burden to the already toxic world of video conferences. There are no bouncing sounds or “acoustics” that drowns the voice of the speaker. Background noise and echoes do not exist when using the Poly Sync 20, which proves that the company, having been in the audio business for a long time, truly understands — and addresses — the audio challenges in video conferences.

Consider the audio specs:
• Three microphone steerable array
• Microphone pickup range is up to 7 feet (2 meters)
• Microphone Frequency Response is at 100 Hz to 6.7 kHz
• Loudspeakers 1 x 40 mm high-performance music speaker
• Loudspeaker frequency response is 80 Hz to 20 kHz
• Bass reflex with dual passive radiators
• Full duplex audio

My key takeaway from my Poly Sync 20 experience is it brought some sense of normalcy because like in face-to-face meetings, I can stand up and get coffee while still discussing work matters with a colleague. I didn’t have to repeat a word because my voice was clear and background noise was reduced.

Poly Sync 20 further reinforced the idea that reliable audio equipment is as important as reliable video conference software and internet connectivity. For someone who has been struggling with audio during video conferences, because I take notes for quotes, Poly Sync 20 made my life so much easier even for a brief period.