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Poly for Microsoft Teams ensures seamless audio and video communications

The hybrid working environment unveiled endless opportunities for collaboration, and at the same time, blurred geographical lines in a business operations landscape that now calls for frictionless communication tools for people to be both seen and heard — quite literally — clearly and smoothly.

Poly (Plantronics, Inc. – formerly Plantronics and Polycom) is a global communications company that powers meaningful human connection and collaboration. Its long-standing partnership with Microsoft Teams enables hybrid workers to organize their communication channels through various devices and solutions, while also addressing the various audio and video challenges that may pop up during their day-to-day.

Poly’s suite of voice and video solutions are designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to ensure optimal productivity, and to support your workforce to better do business in the new normal.

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Poly G Series

The Poly G10-T Base Kit, which connects to your existing USB audio and video peripherals, is composed of the Lenovo Thinksmart Edition Tiny compute appliance, the Poly GC8 (an 8-inch touch-enabled tablet console), a 10-meter length of high-speed fiber-optic USB cable, and wall mount. With the console in hand, the meeting host can launch and join Microsoft Teams meetings with ease, simply by connecting their laptop to the GC8.

For small and medium-sized rooms, there is the Poly G40-T, which consists of the same as the G10-T Base kit, but with the addition of the Poly Studio USB video bar. Delivering the best audio quality in its class, Poly Studio lets teams on both ends of the call to catch every word, thanks to NoiseBlock AI technology perfected over the years to tune out distracting sounds.

For medium- to large-sized conference rooms, the Poly G85-T comes with the EagleEye Director II, which carries Poly’s signature camera tracking technologies to capture everyone present in the room. It is designed to work with certified Trio conference phones or with certified and Poly-tested DSP (digital signal processing) and ceiling microphones. The production-quality video camera of Poly G85-T ensures visuals are crystal clear as if everyone is in the same room.

Poly and Microsoft Teams

Digital transformation won’t stop when the pandemic ends, and organizations should ensure that the right tools and technology are in place to help empower the business to succeed, whether now or in the future.

The development and integration of Poly solutions in Microsoft Teams are geared toward creating an optimal experience both for audio and video conferencing, as well as collaboration. This helps businesses spend less time on making sure infrastructure is working like they are supposed to, and instead let these tools help empower better productivity.

Poly has therefore designed its suite of solutions — high-quality headsets, voice, video, and video-interop solutions — with utmost flexibility so they can seamlessly work with organizations’ existing investments in tools and other services. At the same time, the excellent video and audio tools enabled by Poly for Microsoft Teams make the meetings more natural and engaging, while clear sound and lifelike images help make the experience more real and authentic.

Why Poly?

Poly’s long history of providing high-quality audio and video solutions across different industries speaks for the solutions it now offers to enterprises, with solutions that are designed from the ground up not just to solve business problems, but also to power more meaningful human connection and collaboration.

In this challenging global economy, businesses can afford neither downtime nor disruption. Poly’s solutions aren’t just geared for executives and office workers, but also to support IT administrators to easily manage and troubleshoot a fleet of audio and video solutions, not just within the corporate office, but also remotely. Furthermore, insights from data and analytics help business leaders to make more informed decisions not just to maintain employee productivity, but also to chart the future growth plans of the businesses.

To be sure, vastly different challenges will emerge as we approach a national and global business landscape post-pandemic. To say that effective communication is important these days is an understatement, as decisions that business leaders make today will impact their organizations in the years to come.

By offering a more lifelike communications and collaboration experience through well-researched and developed tools and services, company personnel – from top to bottom — will be better able to execute their business plans services, especially when dealing with customers and business partners from around the globe.

The Microsoft Teams-certified Poly G series (Poly G10-T Base Kit, Poly G40-T, and Poly G85-T) is ideally positioned for the new normal, as well as the rise of hybrid work environments. To find out more, please visit Poly, or get in touch via email at seamarketing@poly.com, or toll-free line at +800 2 765 9266.