SAP announces new regional strategic services partner initiative

SAP Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) has announced a Regional Strategic Services Partner (RSSP) initiative to amplify the capabilities and reach of established partners in the region that are on a rapid growth trajectory. 

Through this initiative, SAP will provide strategic support to eligible partners, which may include coordinated industry-aligned solutions, joint go-to-market strategy, and access to SAP regional and market unit industry expertise. 

The RSSP initiative will enable partners to scale their SAP practice more quickly across the APJ region and collaborate more closely with SAP to deliver joint customer success. Distinct from the company’s existing Global Strategic Services Partner (GSSP) program, which includes a select group of SAP’s most strategic global partners in the consulting, infrastructure, and technology space, the RSSP initiative aims to facilitate collaboration within partner entities residing in the region that demonstrate capability and capacity requirements specific to APJ. 

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“APJ is one of the fastest-growing regions for SAP, and our partner ecosystem plays an integral role in customers’ transformation,” said Paul Marriott, president APJ, SAP. “With over 24,000 registered partners globally and close to 20% in APJ, there is a large SAP-certified community that can benefit customers and the broader ecosystem.”

To qualify for the RSSP initiative, candidate partners are required to meet or exceed a defined set of SAP criteria including geographical presence, vertical industry competencies, and alignment on a joint sustainability strategy.

ABeam Consulting

SAP also announced ABeam Consulting, a Japan-headquartered integrated management consulting firm, as its first partner on board the RSSP initiative. 

“We look forward to amplifying ABeam’s SAP expertise across the region and drive more innovations for customers. And I look forward to welcoming more regional partners to the RSSP initiative,” Marriott said. 

“(Our partnership with SAP) highlights our advantages in delivering cutting-edge solutions and realizing customer value, as well as the scalability of our integrated deployment across our Asian offices,” said Tatsuya Kamoi, president and CEO, ABeam Consulting. “This initiative further strengthens our partnership with SAP while driving the ABeam Consulting growth strategy aimed at making us the No. 1 consulting firm in Asia as a social change accelerator.” 

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