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Schneider Electric pushes for efficiency through EcoStruxure IT for data centers

Schneider Electric, a global company focused on the digital transformation of energy management and automation, continuously advocates for the use of technology to ensure continued productivity and cost-efficiency of businesses through its EcoStruxure IT for Data Centers.

While businesses and industries continue to thrive here in the Philippines, it is important to note the different practices that each company is undertaking to ensure safety, productivity and of course, cost-efficiency. With technology slowly being integrated into infrastructure and operations, companies must now consider how to efficiently manage the innovations that they are investing in to ensure maximized cost and delivery.

MSI-ECS is one of the country’s largest distributors of information communications technology products, solutions, and services. As a continuously expanding company, it invests in technologies with the goal of having enough infrastructure to support its growing number of manufacturing servers as it houses data center spaces for its consumers. However, their investment in such technologies has put their servers in mixed temperatures that shortened the lifespan of the company’s equipment. This also forced them to buy bigger cooling systems that significantly increased financial and energy costs.

“To be able to provide our consumers with the best products and services, we needed to invest in technologies that will help us in our expansion,” said Jimmy Go, president and CEO, MSI-ECS. “Because of the lack of consultation and assistance, we encountered bigger problems not only in terms of costs but also the lifespan of our equipment. Considering our consumers and our business’ sustainability, we opted to search for a partner that is able to provide us with efficient and scalable power and cooling systems and a data center facility to help us monitor and manage them.”

The EcoStruxure IT for Data Centers is an innovation of Schneider Electric that champions the use of technology in providing smart, efficient and customizable solutions specifically for the maintenance of data centers. With proper consultation and evaluation of the problem, Schneider Electric was able to provide MSI-ECS with the right solutions for its cooling systems, containment, power storage, data center management, and energy management. MSI-ECS was able to save up to 60% worth of financial and energy costs.

“Schneider Electric collaborated with us from the design of the solutions until their deployment and maintenance. We have saved a lot on operational costs because of the efficiency of their design structure. Since the data center business does not yet cater to a big audience, the modular design and activation of components like cooling and power gave us the savings we needed. EcoStruxure’s centralized monitoring also eased the management of different components of our operations. With Schneider Electric, we were able to acquire our TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) certification which strengthened our position in the market,” said Go.

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