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ShipIt by 1Export introduces new platform for int’l shipping

ShipIt, an export facilitation service for international shipping, introduces a new platform that aims to make the process more accessible and easy to use. Shippers can now seamlessly book, pay, and schedule their shipments online, eliminating the need for a manual process. 

Established by 1Export, a B2B cross-border e-commerce marketplace of local consumer products, ShipIt has already sent over 2,500 packages to more than 50 countries since it was launched in 2021. 

“The vision for ShipIt is to automate the entire process of international shipping and transform what used to be a taxing procedure in order to make it easier for customers to send packages abroad without leaving their homes, just like how local delivery services do it,” said Mel Nava, CEO of 1Export. 

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The usual experience with shipping abroad can be tedious and inconvenient.  Before the introduction of the website, every step was done manually and shipping in person takes hours, even days. 

Affordable rates 

Apart from affordable shipping rates, boxes are offered free of charge to all shippers booking online, along with packing services. To make it even easier for businesses than before, ShipIt picks up packages within Metro Manila at no cost.

Booking a shipment online eliminates the countless forms for addresses and documents for customs. Users only have to input the necessary information such as item, quantity, weight, and addresses online to generate a rough estimate before proceeding with payment. After securing payment, packages may be delivered or picked up. Multiple addresses can also be saved online for shippers with repeat transactions. Tracking details are always provided once packages are successfully shipped out.


“Packages are usually held at customs because of different things and requirements. To make it easier and hassle-free for OFWs and their families, we do everything we can and prepare the documents they need. So during the holidays for example, families can immediately get the packages within 5-7 days and feel the love during holidays or any occasion.” Mel adds. 

The ShipIt website features a rate calculator which instantly shows estimated shipping costs based on the customers’ package weight and dimensions. For shippers unsure of the box size, shipping rates to all countries are found online and in their social media pages, too. Shippers can reach ShipIt through Facebook or Instagram to ask or inquire about the rates and contents of their packages.

ShipIt also offers a wide range of service options for commercial shipments through ShipIt Fulfillment, ShipIt Amazon, ShipIt Forwarding, ShipIt eBay, and ShipIt Import.