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Shopee posts record of over 2 billion items sold during 11.11 Big Christmas Sale

According to e-commerce platform Shopee, it set two new records at this year’s 11.11 Big Christmas Sale with over 2 billion items sold across the the Southeast Asian (SEA) region. Sales peaked 5.5 times in the first two hours of Nov. 11 compared to an average day.

11.11 Big Christmas Sale encouraged more people to access and enjoy the benefits of online shopping, particularly those outside major cities where digital awareness has been relatively lower. This resulted in a five-time increase in the number of shoppers from rural and smaller towns, who were able to enjoy the convenience of accessing a wider variety of products on Shopee.

Beyond convenience, the 11.11 Big Christmas Sale also brought shoppers and businesses closer together. More than 3.5 billion messages were sent on the in-app Shopee Chat on Nov. 11, as shoppers were able to interact live with sellers and get more information prior to making their purchases.

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ShopeePay continued to accelerate adoption of digital payments at the 11.11 Big Christmas Sale. Across the region, more shoppers used ShopeePay to pay for their Shopee orders seamlessly, especially outside big cities where ShopeePay transactions grew nine times from an average day.

For businesses in the region, the 11.11 Big Christmas Sale was a springboard for growth and recovery. Local sellers benefited from the spike in shopping activity, as those joining 11.11 for the first time saw their orders surge 18 times compared to an average day.

Shopee Mall continued to attract many shoppers who were drawn to the attractive discounts and exclusive deals from their favorite brands.

Shopee also saw an increase in shoppers from outside the Metro Manila with South Luzon recording the most orders in the whole country.