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Skills job seekers need to develop to get hired

Technological fluency is among the skills that employers may look for in applicants in 2023, according to the online hiring platform JobStreet by SEEK.

With companies either accelerating or jumpstarting their digital transformation, the likelihood of hiring employees who are adept in IT and have digital skills may have higher chances of getting hired.

“Gaining essential digital skills opens a lot of opportunities,” JobStreet said. “You can improve this by taking free digital courses, increasing your online presence, learning emerging digital platforms, and staying updated on tech trends, among others.”

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It also means that applicants and employees need to adapt to the changes if it means upskilling or learning new skills. This may give applicants a competitive advantage over other applicants. 

Time management

“As industries evolve, it matters not who is the most skilled in the field, but more so, who can adapt quickly,” said Philip Gioca, country manager, JobStreet Philippines. “Since trends and demands from different careers change over time, candidates who are in for the challenge and can pivot immediately have a great advantage.”

Coming out of lockdowns during the pandemic, JobStreet advises applicants to refresh their interpersonal skills not only for a job interview but also in preparation for possible employment. The workplace may have changed as hybrid work is becoming the norm but creating meaningful and strong working relationships among colleagues will help them in the new environment.

JobStreet advises candidates to start by embracing team assignments or projects, being active listeners with seniors and colleagues, and having empathy and support in every way possible to help them grow. 

Time management is an essential part of hybrid work. While organizations differ in evaluating productivity, applicants and employees need to not just learn but master maximizing their time. 

“Especially for a hybrid work setup, companies are looking for candidates who can efficiently manage their tasks and deliver quality work according to timelines,” JobStreet said. 

“With hybrid working becoming normalized, we are expecting more hirers to look for talents who already have and are open to learning both hard and soft skills that are relevant to their industry,” Gioca said. “We hope to inspire more candidates to seek better opportunities by also acquiring new knowledge and improving their skill set.”