SmartSAT XT LiteMedia Release

Smart launches satellite phones and services on Lazada

Customers can now purchase the Smart-powered SmartSAT XT Lite satellite phone, exclusive SmartSAT XT Lite SIM, and top-up cards from the Smart Flagship Store on Lazada.

This set allows users to make calls and send texts from remote areas with little or no cellular coverage. It is an ideal communication device for outdoor and maritime activities, as well as industrial business operations, and during emergency situations.

“Communication can mean life and death during emergencies and disasters,” said Alice Ramos, Vice President for International Roaming and Consumer Business at Smart. “We want to make sure our customers can conveniently access our satellite products so that we can help them prepare for unforeseen events.”

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Aside from satellite services, customers can also purchase regular Smart products, as well as pay their phone and internet bills on the e-commerce site. These products and services are powered by Smart’s LTE network serving 96% of the population and backed by parent company PLDT’s fiber infrastructure.

To learn more about these products, visit the Smart Flagship Store on Lazada.