Smart taps DelNet to expand telecoms solutions in maritime industry

Klaas Oreel, CEO at DelNet and Katrina Luna-Abelarde, president and CEO at PLDT Global Corp.


PLDT wireless subsidiary Smart Communications Inc. (Smart) has tapped solutions provider DelNet International Corp., (DelNet) to make its satellite services more accessible to Filipinos in the most remote areas around the world.

Since 2013, Smart has been providing the maritime industry with reliable and affordable crew-calling solutions through its Marino Phonepal offering. DelNet provides communication solutions and technical services focused mainly on the maritime industry. Its portfolio of services includes integrating telecommunications and IT systems to provide continuous connectivity.

Now, Smart will be able to reach more customers and expand its presence on ships of all sizes, thanks to DelNet’s far-reaching operations that have been addressing the needs of the maritime industry for 22 years.

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Bolstering disaster preparedness and response efforts, DelNet will also help Smart in providing communication systems in remote areas in the Philippines during emergencies and calamities when cellular service is not available.

Present during the contract signing between Smart and DelNet were Katrina Luna-Abelarde, President & CEO at PLDT Global Corp; Alice Ramos, Vice President, International Roaming and Consumer Business at Smart; and Klaas Oreel, CEO at DelNet.

Satellite onboard ships

“This is another milestone for our company because we believe that together with Smart, we can expand maritime communication for seafarers via satellite onboard ships,” said Klaas Oreel, CEO at DelNet.

“Smart has always been committed to serving overseas Filipino. This partnership allows us to continue offering most relevant services to Filipinos across oceans so we could help them stay in touch with their loved ones back home,” said Katrina Luna-Abelarde, president and CEO at PLDT Global Corp. “We are confident that Smart and DelNet together can build solutions to better serve Filipino seafarers. Beyond this and in light of seemingly increasing natural disasters affecting the most vulnerable, we are also looking towards developing awareness on the importance of satellite services during those times when communication aid can literally help save lives.”