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Software firm TESI increased focus on app development, IT outsourcing for foreign companies

Local software and app developer company TESI (Transnational E-Business Solutions Inc.) is set to mark its 20th founding anniversary with an increased focus on modern application development and an increased drive to provide information technology outsourcing (ITO) solutions.

Aside from being the software and digital enablement arm of the Philippine conglomerate Transnational Diversified Group, the firm assists companies to innovate digitally by offering a modern application development platform; people enablement, management, and delivery of information technology outsourcing solutions. 

TESI’s web and mobile application development capabilities help companies transition from traditional development methods to digital innovations solutions — offering agility, speed, and quality of service. The company’s strategic focus on the OutSystems platform, backed by the team’s experience in service delivery enables it to develop and deliver apps 3x faster than local competitors. The system is a feature-rich development platform characterized by low-code requirements. It allows developers to produce, deploy, and manage omnichannel enterprise applications straight to consumer app stores.

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The TESI team also features the 1st OutSystems Champion in Southeast Asia as of to-date.

In addition to its modern application development edge, TESI also enables companies to fulfill their information technology requirements through information technology outsourcing (ITO).


For companies looking to expand their information technology expertise and capabilities, particularly multinational and US-based firms, TESI provides effective management and delivery of offshore solutions. 

Outsourcing in information technology capabilities has long been a faster, more reliable, and effective option with the hiring and provisioning of skilled employees in the Philippines. This allows companies to scale more quickly with less hassle and lower costs.

TESI’s support goes further. Its 20-year presence in the country and service delivery means it can offer companies more streamlined, reliable, and premium solutions. Apart from hiring outsourced employees, TESI’s capabilities include the provisioning of tools and training, as well as overseeing and management of offshore teams. The company can even assist with setting up and managing a local “branch” or office in the Philippines in a matter of days. 

The approach suits US companies looking to expand or open a branch in the Philippines; it also serves as an entry to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Apart from saving on operational costs through offshoring, Filipino fluency in English is world-renowned. The Philippines makes a strategic point of entry to APAC especially for US- and UK-based companies.


TESI also specializes in building and providing high-quality software as a service (SaaS). The increased demand for HR and people enablement software solutions during the pandemic prompted TESI to offer its own proprietary timekeeping and payroll solution, tHRead of Hope, for free for up to two months last March 2020.

tHRead, is a dynamic full suite timekeeping and payroll solution specifically designed for the needs of MSMEs in mind. As a SaaS, the platform was built in-house in 2012 and today services thousands of employees in the Philippines from MSMEs to enterprises of scale.

As the pandemic continues to demonstrate the need for better business and operational resilience, TESI points to the experience and expertise it gained across its 20-year history. It believes the way forward lies in agile and comprehensive digital innovations.