ASG Technologies strengthens performance, capacity management for hybrid IT

ASG Technologies, a provider of solutions for the information-powered enterprise, announced the updates to its ASG-TMON and ASG-TMON PA Scope solutions.

As foundational solutions of ASG’s performance management suite, ASG-TMON and ASG-TMON PA Scope enable infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams to gain a deeper understanding of the health of their mainframe and distributed systems, making it easier to accelerate the mean time to repair (MTTR) of issues in end-to-end value streams and reduce the impact of outages across IT systems.

Organizations accelerating their digital transformation initiatives demand resilient IT infrastructure and agile operations. This requires equipping I&O leaders and their teams with immediate insights into systems performance and capacity to identify and resolve bottlenecks in business-critical value streams.

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“Today’s organizational infrastructure often spans a variety of environments, making it difficult for infrastructure and operations leaders to have a clear view of the overall health of their IT systems,” said Jeff Cherrington, Vice President, Product Management, Systems at ASG. “With updates to ASG-TMON and ASG-TMON PA Scope, we are eliminating these challenges by creating a single, comprehensive view of the entire ecosystem, enabling users to focus on reducing bottlenecks and driving lower-cost mean time to repair.”

With ASG-TMON and ASG-TMON PA Scope, an advanced browser-based interface for the ASG-TMON PA product, I&O teams use one solution for performance and capacity insights across their hybrid IT infrastructure — from mainframe to cloud. Teams using ASG-TMON can increase their agility with end-to-end value stream performance monitoring allowing them to quickly get to the root cause of outages and slowdowns.


Health Monitor (ASG-TMON) delivers comprehensive monitoring of mainframe health via heat map analysis of key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics based on IBM and industry best practices, enabling I&O teams to quickly identify anomalies and reduce MTTR in mainframe-supported value streams.

Heat Map (ASG-TMON PA Scope) delivers a centralised heat map view of infrastructure performance “hot spots,” enabling I&O teams to monitor the performance of systems spanning various platforms, databases and environments and reduce time spent identifying issues.

Alert Analysis (ASG-TMON PA Scope) enables the agile identification of trouble areas in a system through a graphical bubble chart analysis view that displays concentrations of alerts and their corresponding systems​

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