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Sony unveils SRS-XV800 speaker

Sony has introduced the SRS-XV800 speaker, which promises to deliver crystal-clear sound whether you are throwing an epic bash or enjoying a favorite movie. 

Priced at P36,999, the SRS-XV800 is just what you need for immersive audio enjoyment.

Embrace life at full volume with the SRS-XV800. This speaker is built for lively gatherings, bringing life to your music with its omnidirectional Party Sound feature. Boasting five tweeters, it projects clear audio to every corner of your space, front, and rear. The dual X-Balanced Speaker Units complement the experience with a thumping bass that reverberates through your body.

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The X-Balanced Speaker Unit employs a nearly rectangular diaphragm, amplifying both the diaphragm area and sound pressure. This results in deeper, punchier bass, minimal distortion, and heightened vocal clarity. Immerse yourself in richer, clearer music, elevating your auditory journey.

Battery life

Take the party with you thanks to the SRS-XV800’s up to 25-hour battery life. Rapid charging offers three hours of playtime with just a 10-minute charge. Transporting the speaker is a breeze, thanks to built-in wheels and a convenient carry handle, making it effortless to roll to any event.

Create an ambiance with indirect illumination that synchronizes with your music’s beat and rhythm. The SRS-XV800 isn’t just for sound; it enhances your visual experiences too. Sony’s TV Sound Booster combines with the speaker’s rear tweeters and X-Balanced Speaker Units, enveloping you in deep bass and lifelike high-frequencies. Whether it’s a live performance or a movie, the SRS-XV800 ensures you’re fully immersed.

Karaoke and guitar input, illuminated touch controls, water-resistant IPX4 rating, and Bluetooth® Fast Pair make the SRS-XV800 your portable party companion. With compatibility with Sony | Music Center and Fiestable apps, you have total control over playlists, lighting, sound modes, and even DJ effects.

Eco-friendly innovation

Sony’s commitment to the environment shines through in the SRS-XV800. Incorporating recycled plastic developed by Sony, the speaker’s body showcases the company’s dedication to reducing environmental impact.

Unleash the SRS-XV800 to take your gatherings to new heights. This speaker isn’t just an audio device; it’s a centerpiece of fun, designed to make every event unforgettable.

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