Sophos: Organizations in APJ can’t execute cybersecurity tasks

A survey by cybersecurity solutions provider Sophos revealed that 93% of organizations in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) find the execution of some essential security operation tasks challenging. 

Alarmingly, 76% of respondents said they have challenges identifying the root cause of an incident. This amid the world where cyberattacks, big or small, has become a common occurrence that happens every day in the world.

If an organization does not have the capability to even recognize threat hunting, it leaves the whole network open for repeated attacks. The Sophos report also showed 74% said they have challenges understanding which signals/alerts to investigate, 71% reported challenges prioritizing investigations, and 71% cannot ex timely remediation,” Sophos said in a statement.

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“Only one fifth of respondents globally considered vulnerabilities and remote services a top cybersecurity risk for 2023,” John Shier, field CTO, commercial, Sophos, said in a statement. 


Some 50% of responents said that cyberthreats are now too advanced for their organization to deal with on their own. A good number of 63% wish the IT team could spend more time on strategic issues and less time on firefighting, and 55% said that the time spent on cyberthreats has impacted the IT team’s work on other projects.

Orgnizations (94%) that recognize their limitations chose to work with external specialists to scale their operations, the majority still remain involved with managing threats rather than taking a fully outsourced approach.

“Eliminating the guesswork and applying defensive controls based on actionable intelligence will let IT teams focus on enabling the business instead of trying to douse the eternal flame of active attacks,” said Shier.

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