Spanish startup Jeff eyes expansion in PH; now accepts franchisees

Jeff, an omnichannel ecosystem for daily services, is looking at expanding its footprint in the Philippines. Last year, amid the threats of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spanish startup opened at least 185 Mr. Jeff laundry hubs worldwide.

According to Jeff’s founders Eloi Gómez, Adrián Lorenzo, and Rubén Muñoz, they are looking at key cities Angeles, Cagayan de Oro, and Cebu apart from potential locations in Metro Manila. The team also reported a 65%-85% increase in services last year, which prompted them to plan the expansion.

“Our brand was launched in the Philippines first before other Asian countries and we will continue to grow our business here because we believe in the strong entrepreneurial work ethics of our franchisees,” said Gómez, CEO and co-founder, Jeff.

Spanish startup Jeff raises $21 million in Series B financing round

Spanish startup expands services in PH, launches app

Jeff is looking for Filipino entrepreneurs who want to partner for the expansion. Specifications for a laundry hub include a commercial space of 40-60 square meters, with about four sets of washers and dryers, with a laundry specialist and dedicated driver upon the opening. Potential franchisees also must have a computer to install Jeff Technology to keeping track of orders and other laundry equipment for other services such as ironing, dry cleaning, and home item cleaning.

Upon application of the franchise, an adviser will review and get in touch with those who qualified. The initial capital is around $25,000 to $50,000.

“We are searching for people who want to be involved in this industry, working in the store or supervising operations,” Gómez said. “Jeff is open to individual entrepreneurs as well as to big investors who are interested to manage 10 or more franchises.

Series B investment

Gómez, Lorenzo, and Muñoz founded Jeff in 2015. Recently, Jeff raises $21 million in the Series B Financing Round. The new investment is earmarked for the launch of its operations in the United States, with the opening of its first office in New York in January and for the advancement on its technological products.

Jeff started as a home laundry and dry-cleaning app but is currently in an expansion process in which, in addition to laundry service, different day-to-day services are added such as hairdressing and beauty, fitness, or massages, becoming the first international omnichannel ecosystem of day-to-day services. It is available to anyone who wants to invest or undertake the necessary solutions to launch their own business under the business lines of the Jeff brand.

In its bid to become a global household brand built from a “business in a box” concept, Jeff has grown from its initial venture into the convenience laundry segment with 2,300 franchisees sold in over 40 countries in Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

With many gaps still needing to be filled especially in the delivery of home services in the Philippines, Jeff will expand its super-app capability with the introduction of Fit Jeff and Beauty Jeff where customers can book beauty and fitness services before going to the stores to save time and minimize risks. These concepts have already been taken up by some Filipino franchisees, and the expected first openings in South East Asia will be in the Philippines, specifically in Metro Manila during the first quarter of 2021.

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