Startup introduces EduBox app for schools

Red Circle Global (RCG), a digital automation company, has developed an application geared toward automizing certain aspects of the educational system called EduBox.

RCG was a startup project initially designed to provide a unified command and control platform for 42,000 barangays in the Philippines where they can automate processes, communicate with their stakeholders and monitor their area of jurisdiction through the interne.

To date, RCG has brought its project to several schools in Metro Manila and in Central Luzon.

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“We automate every process of a school operation,” said Edward Roldan, founder, RCG. “We also solve their problems in ID printing and we are the only school automation company in the whole Philippines that can provide unlimited Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Cards per student, free military-grade RFID printer made in Britain, free lanyard per student, and personalized communication hotline. Our clients can even reach us via Viber or phone call 24/7.”

Through RCG, schools will have an online account where parents can monitor the whereabouts and the happenings of each student.

“We are also making it easier for school administrators to roll out programs since they have updated access on the number of materials to their school operations,” Roldan said. “For teachers, they are empowered to collaborate more with their fellow teachers since our platform is offering an online repository where they can share study materials and syllabus.”

Roldan hopes to roll out an RCG EduBox or a plug-and-play school automation system which should be as easy as plugging in a brand new play station unit or a videoke unit.

“Our mission is really to uplift the school education system through automation,” he says. “If we can automate most of the private and public schools in the Philippines, they can save more resources for infra improvement.”

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