Stratpoint unveils new workspace

Digital solutions provider Stratpoint Technologies has moved to its new office at the Globe Telecom Plaza (Mandaluyong City). With the new workspace, the company is also aiming to expand its services to a wider market.

“We achieved tremendous wins over the last few years and over the pandemic, and we owe it to our clients, partners, and other stakeholders who became part of Stratpoint’s success,” said Paco Sandejas, founder and executive chair of Stratpoint Technologies. “With everyone’s support, we continue to be the trusted tech brand and digital execution partner for companies.” 

Sandejas also emphasized the value of Stratpoint’s new workspace as it promotes effective hybrid collaboration among employees, making it more convenient for work and learning.   

Stratpoint enables businesses optimize cloud-based solutions
Stratpoint addresses the complexities of cloud services with nOps management

“I believe that with this new workspace, we are encouraging our employees to be more productive and collaborative with clients,” he said. “This is essential as we collectively work toward our bigger vision: to advocate technology development in the Philippines and expand our customer reach globally.”

Stratpoint Technologies equipped its meeting rooms with high-quality audio and video tools for collaboration among employees. 

“Our goal has always been to make Stratpoint a great place to work, and today that means making it a great experience in all modes: face-to-face, virtual, and hybrid. Striking the right balance is key,” Sandejas said.


“The pandemic brought about a dramatic shift to the way we work such that the default work experience nowadays is hybrid,” said MR Dela Cruz, co-founder and CEO of Stratpoint Technologies. “The challenge is: how do you build a productive environment in a hybrid setup? One that will take advantage of the best personal conveniences of remote working while enabling the connections and collaboration that in-person interactions do best.  

Dela Cruz said that for 2023, the company aims to continue “as a trusted digital acceleration partner using only the most modern digital platforms and emerging technologies.” 

Stratpoint’s enterprise-grade solutions aim to help companies accelerate their digital transformation journey. Applying agile practice, automation, and a customer-centric mindset, the company empowers businesses and enables them to develop at scale.  

“This year, we aim to surpass all our past records and milestones,” Dela Cruz said. “We aim to leave a lasting legacy as the trusted digital accelerator partner of businesses and enterprises that will have grown and conquered new markets with us as their chosen partner. In the next couple of years, we will continue being a reliable partner for organizations globally, promoting digitization and digital acceleration initiatives.