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Tala offers flexible terms and lower repayment fees to small businesses

Tala, a consumer credit app, aims to enable microentrepreneurs to expand or at least sustain their businesses through flexible repayment options and lower fees.

“At Tala, we make earning opportunities more accessible to underestimated people, especially microentrepreneurs, by providing flexible repayment terms that best match their income cycles and help them fulfill their financial goals,” said Iona Iñigo-Mayo, Senior Director of Global Customer Experience Operations at Tala. “We want to give confidence to our customers in managing their finances by fostering a more inclusive environment through our fair, quick, and reliable products and services.”

One of Tala’s clients is Eds Esguerra, a second language teacher, who supplements her family’s income by simultaneously running a soap business and an online kimchi shop. Esguerra, the sole provider for three children, always wanted to continue her online soap business, but she had no capital to start. She took a loan from Tala and immediately allocated P1,000 for her child’s tuition. With Tala’s flexible credit repayment options, borrowers like Esguerra can achieve their goals of starting their own businesses and budgeting their household finances.

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Jean Villar, a grocery store cashier, had to quit her job after her husband was injured in an accident. Villar managed to set up her own junk shop and grow other side businesses to finance household expenses with Tala’s help. Tala’s flexible repayment option allows microentrepreneurs like Villar to grow their own businesses while helping them settle their monthly bills and family’s grocery expenses.

Trusted collection standards

May Mondejar’s passion for cooking led her to open her thriving small food business. Tala’s efficient approval process, along with the reliable and user-friendly Tala app, allowed Mondejar to build her credit. Tala’s lower repayment fees for those who settle their credit earlier than their actual repayment date enable consumers like Mondejar to not only source basic ingredients for her food business in the wet market but also to finance their business’ outsourced delivery services.

With its commitment to making a difference in the lives of ordinary people such as Eds Esguerra, Jean Villar, and May Mondejar, Iñigo-Mayo shared that Tala would continue to maintain its integrity by complying with government and industry regulations and upholding fair and transparent practices that prioritize customers’ well-being.

“Tala’s trusted collections standards and transparent pricing ensure our customers the security of their transactions and their repayment amounts, with no hidden fees,” Iñigo-Mayo said.

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