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Ticketing platform Ticketmelon expands business in SEA

Ticketmelon, a ticketing platform that offers ticketing tools, digital in-event solutions, and live streaming, is expanding its services for the rest of Southeast Asia. The company has been operating in the Philippines since August 2019.

Since its launch in 2015, Ticketmelon has facilitated various types of events across the region including the Vietnam Motor Show, Sensation, Garden Beats in Singapore, Wonderfruit, 1975, and Transmission Festival Asia, as well as the LPGA Thailand Open.

“Our expansion into the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia has been rapid, and our primary focus is to continue providing white-glove service support to local event organizers,” said Panupong Tejapaibul, CEO and co-founder of Ticketmelon. “Building local teams is an integral part of our expansion strategy, as this has been the key to earning the trust of event organizers over the past few years.”

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The company’s ticketing platform offers white labeling options and intuitive seat mapping.

Ticketmelon also offers localized payment channels in various currencies, enabling local consumers to seamlessly purchase tickets. Its digital in-event solutions support all types of events, including corporate, sporting, and product launches, and feature personalized welcome messages, interactive games, points redemptions, and more, all under the audience’s unique code to create an unforgettable event experience. 

“We have directed our investments toward creating the most effective and highest quality event tech platform and services to cater to these demands,” said 30-year-old Tejapaibul. “This presents us with the opportunity to elevate the event technology landscape in the region and ultimately establish ourselves as a regional leader.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ticketmelon provided live streaming and hosting services to clients in the Philippines including Grab, Citibank, Young Living Philippines, Yoli Better Living, and NOSH  Conferences.