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Twitter launches dedicated ‘disaster’ search prompt in PH

Twitter launched recently a dedicated “disaster” search prompt to make it easier for Twitter users to find important — and credible — information.

In partnership with the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council or NDRRMC (@NDRRMC_OpCen), the Philippine Red Cross (@philredcross), as well as other government agencies, NGOs and media, another objective of the search prompt is to amplify critical information and promote relief efforts either during or after disasters or emergencies.

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The Twitter feature is available on iOS, Android, and on in the Philippines in both Tagalog and English languages.

Every time someone searches for certain keywords associated with disaster relief, a prompt will direct them to the relevant information and sources of help available on Twitter.

The feature will be reviewed at regular intervals by the Twitter team to ensure that all related keywords generate the proactive search prompt. Some of the search keyword examples are SagipKalamidad (loosely translated to SaveCalamity), baha (flood), kalamidad (calamity), disaster, floods, earthquakes, among others.

The search prompt will also point to a Twitter list of government agencies, NGOs, and media working towards disaster response and relief in the Philippines, as well as media sources reporting the latest news on natural crises in the Philippines. People looking for support can “Follow the List” and easily identify and establish contact with credible authorities.