Converge ICT doubles bandwidth of internet exchange organization to optimize usage

Converge ICT, a pure end-to-end fiber internet provider, has doubled its bandwidth to PHOpenIX, the only open and neutral Internet Exchange in the country that enables the exchanges of internet traffic in a free-market environment among local internet and data service carriers.

Aimed at optimizing internet usage in the country, PHOpenIX, is operated by the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI) under the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), mandated to lead the research and development of technology solutions to modernize Information and Communications Technology and microelectronics in the country.

The current pandemic has practically funneled everyone towards online activities and transactions. This has been a major contributing factor to the increase in internet traffic throughout the country.

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To help address this situation, Converge ICT voluntarily doubled to 20Gbps its port capacity with PHOpenIX. This helps enable internet users to experience lower latency by keeping local traffic locally routed between all service providers connected through PHOpenIX as well as government websites. The extra capacity contributes to unclogging traffic between service providers who are openly connected to PHOpenIX.

Localized traffic

“We are happy that Converge has almost saturated their 10Gbps link to PhOpenIX, which has prompted them to turn up a second 10Gbps link. This shows the value that can be derived by local networks if they prefer to put traffic over their peering links,” said Bani Lara, science research specialist from ASTI-DOST.

Internet exchange organizations such as PHOpenIX need more service providers to increase their bandwidth in order to support localized traffic to accommodate new norm internet demand requirements.

“As an organization, we have always put the people’s interests at the forefront. Especially during these times when there is an increase in traffic and demand. By doubling our bandwidth to the most important internet exchange organization in the Philippines, we can help improve everyone’s online experience. It is our commitment to deliver simple, fast, and reliable connectivity to Filipinos. And we work hard to do so,” said Dennis Anthony Uy, founder and CEO, Converge ICT.