Nas Talks Spotify Podcast

Nas Daily explores podcasting on Spotify

Audio streaming Spotify has just launched its latest podcast titled “Nas Talks” featuring video blogger Nuseir Yassin of the widely popular “Nas Daily.”

The weekly episodes will deep dive into a variety of personal, timely, and controversial topics including the hidden truths about Nas’ personal journey, finding fame through social media, and debates on politics and philosophy.

“Nas Talks” is free for all Spotify users.

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The podcast will highlight creators, politicians, and authors with a vast range of perspectives. In the first few weeks of the show, Nas will be joined by Filipino-American vlogger Wil Dasovich and Israeli historian Yuval Noah Harari.

“Going into podcasting makes perfect sense for the Nas Daily journey,” said Nas. “It’s hard to deep-dive into topics in less than three minutes and I’m looking forward to long discussions with other points of view. It’s my first venture into long-form content and I am thrilled to partner with Spotify to bring this show to life.”