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UnionBank’s UBX continues to help small businesses with free digital platform

The COVID-19 pandemic made businesses realize the full potential of having a digital presence. UBX (Unionbank to the Power of X) designed a platform that would assist entrepreneurs should they decide to bring their businesses online: Sentro.

Sentro is UBX’s free online shop builder and e-commerce platform and considered to be truly end-to-end in the Philippines. The platform already has a pre-integrated payment gateway that offers multiple payment options like cash, over-the-counter, and other digital payment methods.

UBX was initiated to make banking natural, open, and accessible; to positively impact financial inclusivity and business growth through technology. Sentro is one of its innovations to serve its increasing client base and attract more businesses.

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UnionBank highlights focus on assisting MSMEs with digital tools

A year since it was introduced, Sentro made it even easier for people to manage their digital presence and promote their businesses. With a mobile device, any Sentor user can easily monitor their businesses.

Tech-up businesses

Since its launch, Sentro has helped over 30,000 Filipino small and medium business owners to tech-up their businesses.

Driven by its goal to continuously improve its features, Sentro partnered with MrSpeedy as its logistics partner, making it an all-in-one online shop builder where payments and deliveries are already taken care of.

“This pandemic is still far from over, but Sentro is committed to supporting MSMEs in building their resilience and sustainability,” Sentro said in a media release. “Sentro is seasoned enough to be able to provide the digital platform to SMEs to ensure that their operations are continuous even when faced with business continuity challenges.

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