Vertiv Avocent ADX Ecosystem

Vertiv introduces new digital IT management platform for enterprise, edge networks

Vertiv, a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions, introduced the Vertiv Avocent ADX Ecosystem, a next-generation IT management platform that meets the ever-changing needs of the data center.

The Avocent ADX Ecosystem is a building block of devices and software designed for today’s more complex, hybrid network architectures and to meet the demands of remote workforces.

“With the rapidly expanding use cases of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G and other data-intensive technologies, data centers of every size are becoming more complex,” said Angie McMillin, vice president and general manager of IT Systems for Vertiv. “IT platforms are sitting in more locations outside the traditional data center, and it is paramount that the IT management platform has to evolve to meet these new challenges and become more secure, hardened and useful for next generation applications.”

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Building on the Avocent foundation, the new Avocent ADX Ecosystem is designed for use in enterprise, edge, cloud, and colocation environments. It supports a secure and robust remote work experience by allowing workers to access and control data quickly and seamlessly, such as required by advanced engineering and design, video editing, and other high resolution streaming applications. The Avocent ADX Ecosystem includes the fastest and most feature-rich 4K KVM on a single device with the most expansive management of IT devices in the market.

Enterprise to edge

The Avocent ADX Ecosystem is built on a common architecture, with open standards, platforms and APIs that users require, while enabling fast, secure, and scalable deployments of IT devices from the enterprise to edge. Avocent ADX Ecosystem leverages Avocent Core Insight (Avocent ACI) technology to further enhance communication to Redfish enabled devices.

These technologies allow Avocent ADX to overcome the most persistent obstacles to remote management of distributed and hybrid architectures, including scaling systems to match network growth, enabling secure access for designated users, and providing high-resolution video capabilities to match modern technologies, including USB-C connectors.

“Vertiv’s focus on innovation and customer challenges led to the development of Avocent ADX Ecosysystem, leveraging modern and open architectures to enable efficient, fast and sophisticated control of IT devices and infrastructure, including servers, remote sensors and uninterruptible power supply systems,” McMillin said.

The Avocent ADX Ecosystem includes several individual components, each of which can be deployed independently or in tandem, for a more robust user experience. The platform offers secure and efficient management and control of virtual and physical IT infrastructure, and manages both KVM and serial sessions for up to 100 or more simultaneous users; the rack manager resiliently provides IP consolidation for diverse devices, as well as a path to scalability; and the remote 4K KVM increases productivity and operates at faster speeds and with higher bandwidth compared to competitive standard and 4K KVM.