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Vertiv’s compact UPS designed for home office setup

While on the front-end, the focus on working from home is having stable internet and availability of gadgets, power outages must also be a consideration.

For people who intend to make WFH a permanent option, a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) device is important to ensure that children don’t miss out on the day’s lessons because of a
power outage.

“A UPS can protect these critical devices from main supply problems, including spikes, voltage dips, fluctuations, and complete power failures, using a dedicated battery,” said Jason Lim, country manager of Vertiv Philippines. “Having a UPS at home can also help in bridging the gap as it seamlessly switches the source to battery mode so devices can continue working until they are safely shut down, or the main power is restored.”

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If there is a power outage, even for a moment, the loss of power can be detrimental. Several files could become inaccessible, or worse, deleted permanently. Some devices might even be damaged due to sudden shutdown. There is also the risk of having additional cost implications for their repair or replacement.

Liebert itON-SOHO

Vertiv’s Liebert itON-SOHO is a feature-rich, reliable line of interactive UPS. It has a built-in boost and buck automatic voltage regulator (AVR) that allows flexibility and reliability for personal computers and other sensitive electronic equipment. It also features simple controls for easy operation.

Designed, specifically, for small and home office, Liebert itON-SOHO also has a compact design and user-friendly interface and provides more than enough backup time to save work-in-process.

Vertiv’s Liebert PSA is a compact line-interactive UPS that offers cost-effective, full-featured power protection for home office computers and electronic equipment. It provides up to five minutes of back-up time at full load, which is more than enough time to save work in process and shut down the personal computer or system.

Shutdown software and a USB cable are also included to allow remote alerts and automated graceful shutdown of the connected systems.