YouTube introduces new features and upgrades to YouTube Shorts

YouTube’s short-form video feature, YouTube Shorts, has so far attracted 2 billion logged-in users every month. With this in mind, the video platform introduced new features and improvements in the hopes of enticing more viewers to watch.

The new features mainly focus on different ways to create Shorts content beyond simple shooting, uploading, and remixing. Here’s what you can find now when you try to make a Short:

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  1. Collab and remix other content: The new Collab feature now allows creators to record and remix side-by-side content with other Shorts and qualified YouTube videos. The feature comes with multiple layout options, such as Green Screen where creators can use other videos as a background, and Cut that lets users select up to five seconds from other videos.
  2. Exciting new stickers and effects: Over the past few months, Shorts has been continuously getting dozens of new improvements, like stickers and effects, to help creators find new ways of making content. For example, the upcoming roll out of the Q&A sticker will allow creators to ask their audience questions and get responses right from the comment section. YouTube has also added the ability to reply to comments with a Short as a way to immediately create new content.
  3. Go live and be discovered: YouTube is now testing a vertical live experience on Shorts where creators can now get discovered right from the feed. Viewers in the test will see previews of the vertical live videos mixed into the Shorts feed. As someone taps into the experience, they’ll be placed in a scrollable feed of other live videos that will help creators easily connect with their audience and build their communities. Going live and creating an online community is easier than ever with just a few taps, and features like Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Membership will soon be available.
  4. Create Shorts from suggestions: The new suggestion feature allows viewers to become creators themselves by using the same audio and effects from a video they’ve watched onto their own content. To use the feature, simply tap the remix button on the Shorts player and select “Use Sound.” The app will automatically use the same audio timestamp from the Short you just watched and the same effect as a creation suggestion.
  5. Capture inspiration in Playlists: People browsing their Shorts feed can now save videos they love directly to a playlist. On the other hand, creators no longer need to worry about losing an effect they just discovered, as they can simply save it to a playlist and try it out for themselves when inspiration strikes next.
  6. Effortlessly convert to Shorts: Converting landscape videos to Shorts will be easier with the Recomposition Tool that YouTube will beta-test in the next few weeks. Creators will be able to maintain key parts of their content using split screen effects, as well as zoom, crop, and adjust the layout, making long-form videos more fun and engaging.

With these new additions, it’s never been easier to take and capture inspiration whenever you watch YouTube and go through your Shorts feed. Creators can try the new features out now and see how they can resonate with your audience further.

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