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Airbnb data show return to travel in full swing in SEA

According to the online booking platform Airbnb, Thailand was the most visited country in the Southeast Asian (SEA) region in 2022, while its capital, Bangkok, was the second most visited city.

Airbnb data show that some travelers are testing the waters with intra-SEA travel.

“We’re incredibly excited about the travel resurgence currently taking place across Southeast Asia, a region that has always been popular with travelers from around the world due to its tropical climate, delicious local cuisines, spectacular scenery, and rich cultural heritage,’ said Nathan Blecharczyk, Airbnb’s co-founder and chief strategy officer, in a statement.

Singapore-Malaysia emerged as the top intra-Southeast Asia travel route on Airbnb, followed by Singapore-Thailand and Singapore-Indonesia.

Airbnb sees strong travel rebound in the Philippines
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While solo travel is on the rise, growing by 2.6x compared to the previous year, group travel is also gaining momentum. Data show that group travel in the region more than tripled year-on-year in 2022. This comes as family travel on the platform increased by 60% in 2022 globally compared to pre-pandemic levels, with more families booking Airbnb stays for their value and space.

Travelers are also making the most of their trips by staying for longer periods. In 2022, long-term stays of over 28 days in the region grew by more than 2.5x year-on-year.


In the Philippines, a new YouGov survey commissioned by Airbnb showed that 87% of Filipino respondents are optimistic about the travel rebound in SEA. The survey also highlighted that over 60% of Filipinos surveyed said there is a need to ensure that it is easy and affordable for travelers to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations in their country so that communities do not miss out on tourism spending.

A third of respondents said they are excited to travel within the region more frequently in the future, after not being able to do so for so long, and more than 40% are looking to spend more on traveling throughout the region.

When asked what they believe adds to the appeal of local destinations for international travelers, the top factor for Filipinos was hospitable locals who are willing to make guests feel welcome and point out hidden gems. More than half also identified other factors, including an emphasis on local food and culture, accommodation with family-friendly amenities, and the availability of accommodation options at every price point.