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Alipay+ rolls out holiday promo with GCash, global partners

Alipay+, the provider of global cross-border digital payments and marketing solutions, has rolled out its first year-end promotion campaign with merchants across Asia and Europe, in collaboration with five Asian e-wallet partners: AlipayHK (Hong Kong SAR, China), GCash (Philippines), Kakao Pay (South Korea), TrueMoney (Thailand) and Touch ‘n Go eWallet (Malaysia).

The promotion campaign is participated in by over one million merchants in retail, F&B, tourist attractions, and hospitality across major travel destinations where Alipay+ is accepted, including Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and various countries in Europe. During the campaign period, users of participating e-wallets can enjoy a wide range of deals offered by Alipay+ together with merchant partners in each destination.

Leveraging Alipay+ marketing solutions, merchants are able to create and customize promotions with either digital coupons or instant discounts. Merchants can also distribute digital coupons in multiple e-wallet apps at the same time to achieve better marketing efficiency and scalability.

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Between Dec. 15 2022 and Feb. 15, 2023, users of AlipayHK, GCash, Kakao Pay, TrueMoney and Touch ’n Go eWallet will receive three coupons in their respective apps upon arrival in Japan. Each of the three coupons offers a ¥50 discount with a minimum of ¥51 spent, and can be redeemed at all local merchants accepting Alipay+ payments across Japan.

In addition, Alipay+ has also introduced other merchant-specific coupons. Such offers include, but are not limited to:

  • ¥1,000 OFF with a minimum of ¥5,000 spent at merchants such as Daimaru Department Store, Keio Department Store, Kintetsu Department Store, merchants at Fukuoka Airport, BicCamera stores, and many others.
  • ¥500 OFF with a minimum of ¥3,000 spent at merchants such as Tsuruha Drug Store, Sapporo Drug Store, and many others.

E-wallet users are able to access and browse all merchant-specific coupons in their respective apps.

Through the integration of Alipay+ solutions, over one million brick-and-mortar merchants in Japan including airports, shopping malls, convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants are now able to accept various mobile payment methods.

South Korea

Until the end of December, users of AlipayHK, GCash, TrueMoney, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet can redeem digital coupons by simply using the respective e-wallets to scan the Alipay+ in-store promotion QR code displayed at the store cashiers, and enjoy instant discounts of up to 10%, when they pay with their e-wallets via Alipay+ at local merchants.

Participating merchants include F&B brands like Paris Baguette, Haidilao, retailers such as Daiso, Galleria Department Store, as well as Lotte Duty Free, Shinsegae Duty Free, among others. Over 120,000 merchants in South Korea now accept the payments made by these four e-wallets via Alipay+.


Until Jan. 31, 2023, users of AlipayHK, GCash, Kakao Pay, TrueMoney and Touch ’n Go eWallet will be given three coupons upon arrival in Singapore and enjoy savings when shopping in Singapore.

  • Coupon 1: SGD 1 off with a minimum of SGD 1.01 spent
  • Coupon 2: SGD 3 off with a minimum of SGD 3.01 spent
  • Coupon 3: SGD 8 off with a minimum of SGD 100 spent

Alipay+ has extended more promotions with various merchants at Changi Airport and Paragon Shopping Centre. Until Jan. 31, 2023, e-wallet users can enjoy three more deals:

  • Coupon 1: SGD5 off with a minimum of SGD20 spent;
  • Coupon 2: SGD10 off with a minimum of SGD100 spent;
  • Coupon 3: SGD18 off with a minimum of SGD200 spent

When taking a ComfortDelgro Taxi in Singapore, users can also claim SGD2 off with minimum spending of SGD2.01.

Each e-wallet user can redeem up to three coupons during the campaign period.


In France, the UK, Italy, and Germany, Alipay+ has rolled out various promotions and deals with local merchants, including retail stores Printemps in France and city-wide vending machines in Milan, Rome, and Venice to reward shoppers this holiday season.

Until Jan. 31, 2023, users of Kakao Pay, GCash, TrueMoney, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet can enjoy up to 10 EUR in instant discounts when paying with the respective e-wallets at the aforementioned merchants. In addition, Printemps in France is also offering e-wallet users a special 5% store-wide discount and a free bubble tea voucher at the Printemps Haussmann store. E-wallet users can visit the store information desks to check for specific details.

The global merchant coverage of Alipay+ by sector includes over 1,000 online platforms, more than 10 major airports, over 90,000 convenience stores, over 360,000 restaurants, nearly 200,000 taxis and major hotel brands, department stores, duty-free shops and tourist facilities in Asia and Europe.

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