Anchanto’s latest SelluSeller app enables multichannel e-commerce operations

B2B SaaS company Anchanto launches the mobile application of its SelluSeller platform to bring complex e-commerce sales, operations, revenue, business performance against marketplace service-level agreements and data in real-time. The SelluSeller app also saves IT and business teams considerable amounts of time, manpower, and efforts to fetch and process the data.

The pandemic has significantly altered the e-commerce industry as a result of movement restrictions in order to curb the spread of coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Anchanto said it is imperative for e-commerce businesses to have a swift and accurate response to this change.

Built with these requirements in mind, Anchanto said the newly launched app can help business owners and senior managers to monitor and stay on top of their businesses in real-time, and for their teams to execute key e-commerce operations with just a few taps.

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“Through this app, we intend to elevate the experience for business owners, so that they can monitor and track their business growth even on-the-go,” said Vaibhav Dabhade, founder and CEO, Anchanto.” This also gives our customers an edge in managing their eCommerce operations in a coherent manner especially in times when most businesses have shifted online, and being faster, accurate, and productive is more important than ever.”

Smart dashboard

Based in Singapore, Anchanto enables enterprises to manage end-to-end e-commerce operations with a diverse portfolio of products leveraging the company’s cutting-edge technology to increase productivity and simplify their multi-channel or omnichannel e-commerce sales and logistics operations through automated management.

With a smart dashboard that gets updated in real-time with sales data, product performance, e-commerce channel-wise performance, and much more, the app enables a bird’s eye view of business that can help business owners to make better-informed decisions even when they are on the move. Users can also monitor the productivity of their operations team in real-time. Likewise, these teams can also take care of activities such as handling orders, managing inventory, overseeing promotions, picking, and packing, from anywhere, eliminating the need to be physically present to manage operations. Hence, the company aims to make backend multichannel e-commerce operations fully manageable in a few taps.

Working with top e-commerce players in the industry, Anchanto was able to identify the customer pain points of limited flexibility and efficiency while managing operations remotely. This app will enable better coordination between cross-functional teams and ensure a smooth flow of information. Businesses will also be able to ensure seamless and error-free inventory, order & promotions management, and reduce the risk of overselling or underselling during peak sale periods especially while handling multiple channels.

Custom pricing plans are available for ensuring the best benefits for customers, charging by a tier-based fixed subscription fee. All SelluSeller customers are able to enjoy new features, integrations, and capabilities without having to pay any additional fees.