Media Release

Ateneo SALT Institute trains PH science high school teachers in Adaptive Design Learning

With classes going online amid the COVID-19 crisis, Ateneo de Manila University through the Ateneo de Manila Institute for the Science and Art of Learning and Teaching (Ateneo SALT Institute) has been requested to train over 500 educators of the Philippine Science High School System through its Adaptive Design for Learning (ADL) Professional Certificate Course.

Adaptive Design for Learning is Ateneo de Manila’s unique framework for online course design customized to respond to the contexts of schools and universities in the country. The ADL Professional Certificate Course, which over 2,000 educators from the Jesuit network of schools and universities in the country had completed last summer, is an asynchronous project-based program designed to guide educators committed to learning how to design and promote engaging and effective online learning.

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This time the program will be conducted for teachers from the various campuses of the PSHS System nationwide, to equip them with the necessary competence to design and conduct online classes. Five online classes have been opened to conduct and deliver the six-module ADL course to the participants from PSHS through a team of professional trainers.

The program was launched Sept. 21 and will be conducted for three months.

Because the Ateneo de Manila values PSHS’s unique mission of providing premier science high school education in the country, it has agreed to subsidize 65% of the cost of this nationwide training. The subsidy was made possible by the Ateneo SALT Institute’s two endowment funds: The VTL Teacher Education Endowment Fund and the RBA Scholarship Fund for the Education of Public School Teachers.