BPro cryptocurrency token now available to Filipinos

BPro, a brand new cryptocurrency token, is now ready to give Filipinos a new way to make money off their bitcoin.

BPro is enabled by the Money on Chain (MoC) protocol built by numerous bitcoin holders. The explicit purpose of BPro is to improve the performance of any bitcoin held while still giving holders full control over their private keys. Software company IOV Labs maintains the RSK network that houses all the collateral/smart contracts that allow BPro to run.

Because the MoC protocol is collateralized by bitcoin, BPro is able to offer holders free leverage. If the price of one bitcoin goes up, the price of BPro is expected to increase a bit more. This allows users make larger profits if the market continues to move upwards (such as a bull run).

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BPro also allows holders to earn passive income through rBTC, the rewards token paid by traders doing BTC leveraged operations. rBTC is a cryptocurrency created by smart secure network RSK, usually generated through mining. Users can also hold the keys to their BPro in their own hardware wallets.

Users also earn part of the MOC protocol fees. For example, every time that a token like BPro is redeemed, 20% of the fees paid by every transaction go directly back to BPro, creating more value over time. BPro pays 0.25% of its value on an annual basis back to the MoC protocol.

BPro holders can even join the MoC Liquidity Mining program, where mining tokens are given out automatically to anyone holding BPro. This way, holders are involved in MoC’s governance process and MoC tokens can be staked to earn even more.