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Huobi Primelist lists LOVE token during trading

Digital asset exchange firm Huobi Global announced recently its tenth Primelist event, offering its users exclusive access to the GameFi project Deesse and its token LOVE upon listing on Huobi Global. Deesse is a blockchain-enabled, idle Role-Playing Game (RPG) or Card Placement Game (CPG) that allows players to earn tokens and NFTs during gameplay. Huobi Global users can qualify for an allocation by locking in assets (HT or USDT) and trading on the platform for tickets.

The draw of GameFi today is its “Play to Earn” concept. Players can not only level up and battle in games, but can also sell their collected tokens, equipment, and other NFT assets on marketplaces to obtain a source of income. However, these games lack the emotional resonance that many users look for. To address the issue, Deesse encourages a “Enjoy to Earn” model, through which in-game NFT tokens and equipment can be upgraded to enhance their rarity and become sources of new content for players in the virtual world. LOVE’s listing reflects Huobi’s confidence in DEESSE’s team of developers and its future growth potential.

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The tenth Primelist event featured a new model for participants who had a chance to win access to new token listings. Held on Jan. 12, users were eligible for an allocation at the opening price when they locked in and traded assets for allotted tickets during the event period. Other users who did not participate in Primelist also had a chance to purchase LOVE tokens on Huobi Global after the listing.