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CCAP to hold annual conference to boost contact center industry

Members of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) are confident that despite the stricter measures to combat COVID-19, which forced temporary closures of certain establishments, the industry will continue to grow.

This optimism follows the study of global research firm Everest Group, which said that the contact center and business process sector in the country is projected to increase by 2.7% to 3.2% from 2020 to 2022 in terms of revenue growth rate.

The recalibrated forecast of Everest Group highlighted that the continued growth of the Philippine industry will depend on accelerated digital transformation, robust ecosystem, skilled workforce, and strong government support. The study identified challenges like the perception of higher business environment risk due to regulatory uncertainty and relatively lower availability of digitally skilled talent compared to other locations. Addressing these effectively “will be the key to the growth going forward.”

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“While staying afloat was the focus for many businesses like the contact center sector in 2020, the attention has now shifted to growth and helping jumpstart the economy through hybrid work setup and intensified vaccination efforts,” said Jojo Uligan, president, CCAP. “These will ensure that our employees are safe, healthy and can contribute to maintaining the country’s position as a top BPO destination.”

For more than a decade now, the Philippines has been recognized as the business process outsourcing (BPO) capital of the world. Several independent advisory reports like Kearney Global Services Location Index and Tholons Global Innovation Index identify the Philippines as among the top countries around the world for BPO and customer experience services.\

Online conference

“With our industry at the forefront of digital acceleration, it’s only essential that we bring in fresh ideas and expert opinions from around the world to help address these issues. Contact Islands aims to be that gathering of minds where new business models will be tackled and constant development will be pursued,” Uligan said.

With this, CCAP is set to hold its annual conference, Contact Islands, online from Sept. 27 to Oct. 1. The theme “Reigniting Growth in the New Business Environment” is set to revolve around new operating models to help companies navigate the new business environment while keeping employees healthy and safe.

Slated to give lectures and panel discussions are top officials from the public sector, World Bank Manila, Everest Group, KPMG Singapore, Salesforce, and several others. Topics range from the global industry overview, digital business acceleration, to economics in the pandemic, government partnership, and many more.

“We remain steadfast in our pursuit of maintaining the Philippines’ position as a top destination for customer experience services,” Uligan said. “From adjustments, further refinements, to looking towards a post-COVID business environment, we’re hoping to provide the outlook and needed lessons to fuel growth in the industry.”