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Cisco supports IT-BPM sector’s shift to hybrid work setup

Technology solutions company Cisco expressed its support to sectors who are keen on adopting a hybrid work setup. The Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry, an essential sector to the Philippine economy, is among those which understands the need of a long-term remote work strategy.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco has acquired companies and developed new solutions as well as beefed up its suite of services that respond to the needs of a work-from-anywhere strategy.

“Today’s workforce demands more flexibility to work from anywhere,” said Robin Llamas, OIC managing director for Cisco Philippines. “This calls for a radical change in the IT-BPM industry to meet this demand and ensure business continuity, increased competitiveness and employee productivity.”

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Llamas also emphasized the importance of addressing the personal health and wellness of BPO employees amid the hybrid set-up, as it is a pressing concern in the time of a pandemic. He adds that “while hybrid work is already being implemented, we must focus on ensuring that this set up is productive and sustainable. In addition to seamless technology, the health and wellness of employees is a critical component of successful hybrid work in the long-term.”

Cisco aims to support the industry through technology that will help companies in the IT-BPM industry enhance security systems while championing performance and employee productivity at a minimal cost.

“The goal is to create a simple and integrated solution to address the challenges of a hybrid work environment,” Llamas stated.

Ample technology infrastructure support, talent and culture development, as well as networking and partnership opportunities are crucial components to a successful hybrid work strategy to power an inclusive future in the IT-BPM industry, Cisco said.