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Cisco unveils Webex new features for inclusive hybrid work environment

Most of the recent acquisitions of global technology company Cisco are meant to finetune its video conferencing platform Webex. The company unveiled these innovations including a package of services meant to encourage more organizations to use the platform.

In a survey conducted by global technology company Cisco, 95% of Filipino workers want more choices “in terms where they do their work, even when the pandemic is over.”

“We are bringing innovations to our portfolio with that in mind, and with Webex Suite, everyone has a seat at the table, everyone’s voice can be heard, and it’s a platform where discussions are made equitable,” said Karrie Ilagan, managing director of Cisco Philippines.

Ilagan also noted that 98% of future meetings expected to include at least one remote participant. This setup is already at work in the Philippines where Webex powers collaboration and communication in the public sector.

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Cisco Philippines has partnered with the Department of Health and the Senate of the Philippines providing the government institutions video conferencing needs amind the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In the last six months, we have added 800 new features and devices to Webex all geared toward creating the most flexible and inclusive user experience for businesses who are looking to be more inclusive in their hybrid work approach and for people who continue to work from anywhere,” said Hariharan S, managing director, Software, Cloud and Collaboration, Cisco APJC. “The all-new Webex Suite ensures everyone in a hybrid workforce has equal opportunity and voice.”

Cisco Webex features

The Webex Suite is an enterprise-wide solution, which according to Cisco, is competitively priced at 40% lower than the a la carte offerings. It is available to organizations with a minimum number of users.

The new Webex features address most of the common issues encountered during the initial phase of remote working. Notable of which is noise canceling, the result of its acquisition of software company Babblelabs in 2020. Babblelabs creates technology that removes noise from speech and background noises.

Webex also now has real-time translation enabled by artificial intelligence. To encourage interaction, Webex now has polling, quizzes, and Q&A, which is the product of its acquisition of Slido. The camera stack has also been improved with various options from immersive share to webinar mode.

The Webex Desk provides an all-in-one collaboration device designed for the desk at work or home. Immersive collaboration experiences are also available with modern touch interactions via RoomOS that connects workflows with less context switching​, as well as the Webex Assistant Skills platform that opens up of universe of voice-powered extensions to seamlessly and easily integrate more controls, content, and applications for Webex Devices.