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Cisco unveils AI-powered enhancements across Webex Suite

Cisco, a digital communications technology corporation, made some upgrades to Webex suite leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). 

 “AI presents the next evolution of hybrid work, holding the key to unlocking a materially enhanced hybrid work and customer experience,” Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, Security and Collaboration, Cisco, said in a statement. 

Patel also noted that Cisco is doubling down on its AI investment as well as in its existing natural language understanding, and audio and video intelligence in Webex.

Cisco unveils Webex new features for inclusive hybrid work environment
Cisco launches Webex hologram, new app features to address hybrid work challenges

In response to the requirements of making hybrid work work, Webex’s innovations span three categories built on the Webex Platform, which has a track record of hundreds of AI and machine learning features already embedded in Cisco products. 

Building on advanced AI capabilities already available in Cisco Collaboration devices today, Webex is expanding its video intelligence in its devices through conference room operating system Cisco Room OS.

Cameras in meeting rooms

New capabilities include sensors in cameras for moving people in the meeting as well as voice and facial recognition. IT admins can set virtual boundaries for any collaboration space in the office, turning it into a meeting zone. With meeting zones, people are individually framed in a condensed view – leaving any blank space out of view. 


To further optimize collaboration, Cisco is introducing new AI capabilities in the Webex Suite, including high-definition (HD) meetings that don’t require HD bandwidth, smart re-lighting, and automatic “be right back” updates.

Customer experience  

Cisco also introduced new AI capabilities for its customer experience solutions, spanning Webex Contact Center and its cloud communications platform, Webex Connect. The new features include actionable insights for improved CX, agent answers as a real-time agent coach, automated chat summaries for agents, and automated code for rapid customization of customer journeys.

The new AI capabilities are expected to roll out over the course of 2023.